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Good to know

Helpful information regarding repair of your M.I Hummel Figurine(s):

Your shipment

Please include a letter stating your address, telephone and/or mobile number – and if available – also an email address with your figurine(s). Should there be missing pieces, please be sure to state that in your letter.

Repair cost

Costs for repair will be charged individually according to the actual repair time. Current costs are Euro 20.00 per every 30 minutes. The Hummeldoktor estimates the repair cost and will inform you accordingly. Should you agree to have your figurine(s) repaired you will receive an invoice and upon payment of invoice the repaired figurine(s) will be returned to you at your own risk (please make sure to state invoice number). However, it is also possible to make an appointment to drop your figurine off at the repair studios and pick it up again when it is finished (recommendable for large and delicate pieces!)


Sending a damaged figurine to the Hummeldoktor is only possible at your own risk. The Hummeldoktor cannot be held liable for any kind of damage which occurs during transportation – e.g. due to inadequate packaging, mishandling during shipment etc.. Therefore please make sure that your figurine(s) / piece(s) is / are padded with good materials such as bubblefoam etc. and packed in a stable, larger outer box.

Insurance against loss or damage of figurine(s)

Some transportation carriers as well as the postal service offer insurance against damage or loss of your package. Please contact them directly for further information regarding this matter.

Sending your figurine from a foreign country (non-EU country)

When sending your package from a non-EU country, please make sure to mark your package on the outside with „Reparaturauftrag – figurine for repair“ (also please include any prior letters, mail exchanges with the Hummeldoktor regarding this matter!!!). Otherwise there will be applied extra customs duties by customs, which have to be paid by the sender.


Should you not agree to the repair of your figurine(s), the damaged figurine(s)/pieces will  be returned to you at your cost.

Very important information

Please do not try to repair your figurine(s) with any kind of glues and colors. This can increase the time and cost of repair considerably. Please only clean your figurines with a damp cloth, brush or cotton bud. Never hold the figurines under running water and never dip them in water or clean them in the dishwasher! In case of doubt or for questions regarding the cleaning of your figurines, please contact the Hummeldoktor for assistance at any time.

Selling your figurine(s)

When selling your figurine(s) please state that the figurine was repaired!