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25 years of experience with Goebel
in Hummel figurine restoring

The Hummeldoktor 25 years of experience with Goebel in Hummel figurine restoring

About us

After 25 years of knowledge and experience gained with restoring figurines at Goebel and our continuous passion for Hummel Figurines, we have decided to start up a repair service,

The Hummeldoktor.

We are specialized in repairing Hummel and Goebel products. However,  figurines of other manufacturers as well as similar materials are also in good hands with us.

We do not only repair your figurines in a professional way, but we are also able to give you informations about your Hummel/Goebel products. Would you like to know for example how old your figurine is? Send a request and we will determine the age and manufacturer of a figurine as well as give you detailed information about the meaning of the various signs stamped and/or written on the bottom of the base.

Customer’s satisfaction is our main focus – we will be happy to assist you at any time!

Please contact us!

In our studios the tradition lives on – we are very pleased to repair your figurine(s). We work with great attention to detail and we identify ourselves with the figurines from Rödental, which have left a lasting impression, not only with us, but they also bring everlasting joy to the collectors all over the world.

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